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The Iswari Brand offers a wide range of products known as superfoods, foods high in micronutrients (water and fat-soluble vitamins, mineral salts and oligo-elements) with great health benefits.

From nature, Iswari gets organic products, natural and delicious with excellent nutritional properties. They are then selected, combined and packaged to offer a range of more than 51 products ready to consume. Those Values are respected and shared with Iswari’s suppliers. In fact, only products from sustainable suppliers that respect nature, people and the ecosystem, are acquired. Iswari products do not contain harmful ingredients for human health, animal derivatives, soya, dairy, gluten or refined sugars.

the inspiration of Touched by Nature has been given to us during a trip to Africa, where we have realised that the modernist way of living has distanced us from Nature. Touched by Nature is our attempt to bring a piece of Nature to you and be In Touch with Nature with every single bite. Hope you enjoy our products! Touched by Nature


Maxsport was created with the intention to develop, produce and sell nutritional supplements for the general sporting public. The demand for tasty and high-quality protein bars has started to grow and has become popular not only among athletes but also among the general public.

The world is moving faster and faster and with it the needs of a society that wants healthier and more practical dietary alternatives. That is why we look ahead and around us, we follow the trends to meet the requirements of a modern and healthy society.

Max Sport s.r.o. has in conjunction with technologists, physiologists, athletes and nutritionists, set itself the goal of producing quality, tasty and affordable products for everyone.

Our supplements can help you with keeping up with a healthy lifestyle, will give you the necessary nutritional substances, vitamins and minerals, speed up recovery and prepares you to face the new challenges.


Perfect World launched the first stevia-sweetened ice cream 
in the UK in 2014 (Mintel) and we are still the only brand that 
REALLY has no added sugars at all. Our products are proactively healthy, HIGH in Vitamins Minerals and HIGH in fibre. And our new Vitipops are the first all green traffic light lolly. Unique in the industry, it really is better for you to eat them than not! We’ve taken what we have learned and made a mainstream product that is both delicious and beneficial. 



Add nutrients to your meals without adding confusion to your head. If so far this seemed to be a complicated mission, Shine has come to make it naturally simple. To accomplish this, we have combined years of experience, research and knowledge about the power of superfoods, with the strong desire to make them more accessible to everyone. Easy to understand and use. Versatile and functional. Suitable for different needs and times of the day. 100% Organic Certified. Single or in exclusive mixes. Helping to eat healthier with a small gesture. These unique superfood blends have been designed to support the different needs of your body, which carry numerous benefits, due to the abundance of nutrients.

Growing up in New England, autumn was our favourite time of year. Everything was crispy! You had crunchy piles of leaves to jump into, crisp air to wake you up on the way to school, crackling bonfires in the backyard, and of course, mom’s crispy baked pumpkin crisps. 

These delicious crisps are made with fresh pumpkin, chia seeds and brown rice, offering a bounty of fall flavour with each bite. Start snacking better with Hampton Harvest.

Hampton Harvest

Our products are an investment in your healthy future, they are unique not only in their quality but also in their balanced taste and composition, which is complemented by functional substances. Body & Future products are free of GMOs, soy, gluten, added sugar, preservatives, and are also suitable for vegans. Body & Future responds to trends in the food industry focusing on the raw materials of the future (superfoods). It is limited to products with high added value, exceptional composition and does not contain added sugar. the biggest trend is health, we want something that is beneficial to health and has preventive effects. We try to materialize products in which others say "we can't".


We have developed an extensive range of Virtually Zero Calorie Syrups, healthy tabletop sauces and healthy snacking options which can be enjoyed by anybody. We understand the difficulty in avoiding tempting food which may not be too good for us and most of this can contain high sugar, fat and calorie content. We strive to be different and ensure that you eat cleaner by using our products. Whether it's our Virtually Zero Calorie Sauces helping you achieve guilt-free dunkin'/dippin' or enjoying our Zero Calorie Syrups in your breakfast, Cup of Coffee or favourite dessert we know you'll be impressed and be sure to come back and enjoy them over and over again!


Bee’s Water (our honey water blend) contains a proprietary mix of USDA Grade A 100% pure honey and antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E in every bottle to support your well being and a healthy immune system. It is sweetened with real honey (not honey flavour). Unlike many other drinks, it does not contain any artificial sweeteners, no added refined white sugars and no high fructose corn syrup. 

Bee’s Water was meticulously prepared with USDA Grade A, 100% natural honey and finely nurtured ingredients. 

Bee’s Water can be enjoyed hot or cold. Drink it cold for hydration and a refreshing thirst-quenching experience. Enjoy it hot like a tea when you warm up in a glass for a soothing and calming feeling of pure natural honey.

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